Precision Diagnostic Services, Inc. was established in 1998 in Fargo, North Dakota. As of January 2013, PDS' partners number over 40 in seven states and they've completed over 70,000 polysomnographic studies.

Together We Can Help

Who will we help?

Millions of Americans have problems sleeping. In fact, one in seven adults — over 43 million — suffer from a common and potentially fatal sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. It's as common as asthma or diabetes, yet it often remains undiagnosed and untreated.

Most people with this condition are aware they have trouble sleeping, but few realize they actually have a clinical disorder. PDS will assist you in establishing the highest quality sleep center to identify those patients in the community and area you serve.

"We never could have imagined the success we were about to attain when we signed on as a partner with PDS.

You are not just a testing service, you are a true partner and have demonstrated that through our relationship over the years."

~ Stacey Zell, Director Respiratory Care

Obstructive Sleep Disordered Breathing Syndrome

  • Causes an increased risk of mortality, hypertension, stroke and diabetes

  • Causes an increased risk of automobile and work related accidents

  • Is only one of the 84 identifiable disorders of sleep

National Sleep Foundation

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